Beat the Odds



Consider seeking help if you answer “yes” to any of the following questions…

  • Do you, after gambling, feel guilt, shame, remorse and/or hopelessness?
  • Do you find yourself powerless to stop gambling once you have started?
  • Do you gamble or take risks when you are feeling low?
  • Do you gamble longer than you planned to, or take bigger risks than you intended to?
  • Do you, after losing, feel that you must soon return to win back losses?
  • Do you, after a win, have a strong urge to return and win more?
  • Do others (especially non-gamblers) say your gambling is out of control?
  • Do you find yourself having sold property and/or borrowed to finance your gambling?
  • Do you find that gambling is affecting your home and/or work life?
  • Do you continue to gamble even though the consequences of previous gambling activities are unresolved: e.g. debts, family difficulties...?

Call today
Call today for a confidential chat and professional assessment if you feel you may have a problem with gambling 029 2049 3895. The service is FREE

Alternatively, you may prefer to ring Gamblers Anonymous on: 020 7384 3040


How gambling affects the family and why we want to offer on-going family support and aftercare:

‘The largest group of people who know about gambling addiction at first hand – partners, parents, children, and other affected family members – have been even more neglected than have problem gamblers themselves’ (Orford, 2011). That’s why Living Room Cardiff want to offer help and on-going support and aftercare to deal with the highly corrosive effects of gambling addiction on family health and the well-being of family members.


Who will provide the service?

CAIS is a registered charity and leading voluntary sector provider of personal support in Wales.  It helps people who are having problems with addictions, mental health, personal development and employment - as well as offering assistance and information to their families and friends.  Its wide range of services includes residential treatment and rehabilitation, counselling, peer mentoring, supporting people in their homes, assisting people back into work or education, group work and other motivational interventions.  Following a recent merger with the Living Room Cardiff, services are now provided throughout Wales.

LIVING ROOM CARDIFF creates a safe, non-judgmental space to provide all who ask with opportunities and choices to begin or deepen their journey of recovery, wholeness, and healing. We offer a range of psycho-social programmes (including peer based support and a recovery wellness plan) for people that wish to recover from longstanding, entrenched substance misuse problems, and their families and friends.

The community based Recovery Centre emphasiss wellness, strengths, choices and achievements of those attending the Centre who are on an equal basis with the staff. Members are treated not as “unfortunate people with longstanding drug and/or alcohol, gambling or other addiction problems” but as functioning human beings with dreams, capabilities, creativity and in possession of a life to be lived.

We look forward to hearing from you – and just to remind you, your confidentiality is assured at all times.

For further information about how you can help us develop this new service click here to join the Focus Group.

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