Drugs: Consider seeking help if you answer “yes” to any of the following questions…


Do you use drugs to escape when problems seem too much to bear?

Do you find that your using is interfering with your eating and sleeping?

Do you find it difficult to stop/control your drug use?

Do you find that your drug use is causing, or has caused upset in your family or place of work?

Do other non-drug using people say your drug taking is out of control?

Do you, or have you ever substituted one drug for another?

Do you take increasingly larger amounts of a drug to get the desired effect?

Do you, or have you ever taken one drug to overcome the effects of another?

Do you steal drugs, or have you ever stolen to obtain drugs?

Do you get into trouble with the police, or have you ever been arrested as a result of using drugs?

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Alternatively, you may prefer to ring the NA National Helpline number: 0300 999 1212 (calls charged at local rate)

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