Core Values | Gwerthoedd Sylfaenol | livingroomcardiff

We practice an intentional hospitality 
and meet all who enter Living Room Cardiff/’Stafell Fyw Caerdydd with a gentle warm welcome and a drink of water or other beverage, access to a bathroom, and a comfortable seat in a beautiful, clean and colorful environment. We will keep your waiting time to meet with us as short as possible. 

We believe that anyone can recover and that recovery is often an incremental process that can be effectively managed over time. 
We will support abstinence as your ultimate goal, but we understand your recovery is beginning if your use of alcohol/drugs/or harmful behaviour decreases. We will celebrate every success and provide you with support to continue forward with hope.

We believe there are many paths to recovery. 
Your path may be spiritual, clinical, cultural or peer-based. We will work with you to clear your path as you walk it.

We are a trauma-informed recovery support program.
We recognize that many individuals’ lives have unfolded within abuse and victimization, that their use of substances was their way to manage the distress of that abuse and victimization, and that their continued use of substances puts them at further risk for more abuse and victimization. We will never ask, “What is wrong with you?” but rather “What happened to you?” 

We will support you as you make the connections
between your alcohol/drug use/or harmful behaviour and the losses you have suffered. We will partner with you as you explore the impact those losses have had on your life.


We will help you if you ask us. 
Your participation in our projects will always be your choice and will only happen with your informed consent. We will proceed as your partner, at your pace.

We will work hard to remove barriers to your recovery. 
We will support your recovery efforts because we believe you are entitled to receive our services and our help.

We understand recovery is most consistently maintained in community,
among the support of your peers. We believe that you will draw strength, resilience, and wisdom from each other.