Drug test

The Whizzinator Overview

Let’s face it: a mandatory drug test isn’t always something that you can avoid. If you’re a cannabis enthusiast and are trying to find effective ways to pass your approaching urine drug test, you might have come across the Whizzinator somewhere online. In this post, we’ll give a short but informative overview of this product so that you won’t have to spend time scouring the web for Whizzinator reviews.


The Whizzinator is a somewhat popular urination device. You might have noticed that it resembles a real-life penis. This device is helpful if you intend to cheat a drug test. Its life-like resemblance to male genitalia makes it difficult to be caught while using it during urinalysis. If you’re wondering “if this is all legal,” well, people use The Whizzinator for other things, too, such as an adult toy. This means that the product isn’t necessarily made only for beating a drug test.

Product Overview

The Whizzinator is a pretty straightforward device. It comes with a penis replica (The Whizzinator Touch) that you fill with synthetic pee and wear during your test day. The synthetic urine that it carries is going to act as a substitute for your THC-induced urine. When it comes to reception, this product does have some decent reviews and testimonials, mostly 5 out of 5’s. Upon looking at some typical Whizzinator review online, you’ll find that many users did find success with this product.

Does The Whizzinator Really Work?

Let’s get straight to the point. The quality of the synthetic urine that comes from the Whizz Kit will fool professional lab tests. However, the real challenge would be doing a successful ejection of the synthetic urine. While the device may be an excellent replica of a male genital, you must ensure that the urine comes out just right. This activity becomes more complicated if you’re being observed.


Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all U.S. states!
  • Genuine human urine!

The Urinator

  • The electronic device holds the urine sample and heats it to the body temperature. It’s reusable!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)

How to Use The Whizzinator

You should strictly follow The Whizzinator instructions laid out here to ensure the successful use of this device. The synthetic piss from the Whizz Kit possesses good attributes, making it ideal for fooling a test. You’d want to make sure to fill The Whizzinator Touch only with the fake pee from the Whizz Kit to guarantee your desired outcome.

Here’s the step-by-step instruction for correct use of this product:

1. Make sure to practice getting comfortable using the device. Try filling it with water and emulate dispensing properly so that when the day of the test comes, you’ll have no problem faking it even when under observation.

2. At least two hours before your test, take out all of the components from the package.

3. Mix the dried synthetic pee with water as shown on the instruction manual that comes with the product. Do this on the test day itself to avoid contaminating the fake urine.

4. Use the syringe to fill the urine bag with the fake liquid pee. At least 3 – 4 ounces will do. Make sure not to overfill, so you’ll remain comfortable while wearing the device.

5. Take out the heat pad and peel back the adhesive strip before attaching it to the back-end of the bag (the side across from the temperature strip).

6. Attach the straps to your waist. Make sure the temperature strip is attached to your skin so that it’ll have the right body temperature. Getting an ideal temperature may take an hour.

7. When it’s your turn to take the test in the lab’s bathroom, carefully dispense the urine into your specimen cup. Try to control the flow by touching and squeezing the shaft gently. You may want to practice this activity beforehand.

Pros and Cons


– Reusable many times over.

– It uses a high-quality and realistic synthetic urine.

– It can be easy to use, especially with practice.

– Guarantees a negative urine test result if instructions are followed.


– Using this device is illegal in some states.

– It can be pretty expensive.

– You’ll have to buy a separate synthetic urine kit to keep reusing it.

Where to Buy The Whizzinator

You can buy The Whizzinator directly on the manufacturer’s website. To get alternative deals, you can also buy them from online marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart. Just make sure to keep an eye out for cheap knock-offs circulating the market since they most likely won’t give you the same results as the original.

Manufacturer and Product Support

Whizzinator products are manufactured and sold by a California-based company called Alternative Lifestyle Systems, Inc. Every product comes with a 14-day return policy as long as it remains unused and in original condition.


Using The Whizzinator for THC detox provides a good chance of success if properly utilized. There is a reason why this urination device is widely-used among marijuana users. The most significant factor in its popularity is the fake pee that can easily fool your typical drug testing facility. There are many other ways to pass your forthcoming urinalysis, such as detoxifying, but using The Whizzinator to pass drug test can be a quick solution if time is a significant issue. You also wouldn’t have any trouble figuring out where to buy The Whizzinator since their available in multiple online outlets. Keep in mind that this product isn’t marketed as a cheating tool but rather as an adult toy. Before using this product, make sure to check in with your local state laws to ensure you won’t have to risk prosecution.