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We have a team of addiction specialists, including addictions counsellors, recovery coaches and a team of peer mentors who run group support sessions, as well as offering individual support. All our recovery coaches and peer mentors are well trained and qualified and have a minimum of 2 years in recovery. Please telephone to make an appointment and out team specialist will see you within a week of you contacting us – sometimes sooner.

12 Steps group programme 

Our goal is to create an all inclusive, affirming, non judgmental community at these workshops – a community where all are welcome to explore recovery, faith, hope, healing, doubts and fears in order to better understanding unconditional love and to have a spiritual experience as a result of working and practicing the 12 steps of recovery. These sessions include also an introductory set of workshops intended for beginners who are new to 12 steps programmes.

Understanding the nature and psychological impacts of addiction on PIRs and other family members


One to One Counselling

We also assist you with developing effective coping strategies that enable you to confront the burden of being human and have a meaningful and productive life.


All recovery group approach (eg. Sex, alcohol, gambling, drugs, eating disorder, self-harm and family members) 

We welcome individuals with various addiction problems. It is an open group, where experiences are shared. The “all-recovery group” concept is both effective and fills a gap, we believe, in service provision. All-recovery groups” welcome 12-Step, Christian-based, methadone, medically assisted, co-occurring, family members, and community members or, if you prefer, all non-denominational groups! But their main purpose is to provide an opportunity for people to come in and talk about recovery.

Peer recovery group

Initially, we were hesitant about offering peer recovery support groups as a means of supporting long-term recovery because we believed people should use existing available resources, such as AA and NA membership. However, we have found a need for an “all-recovery group”. We have been using this all-recovery group approach in Wales for the past 2 years and we’ve found that it works. Including family members and all other addictions and harmful behaviours in the “all-recovery group” approach completes the picture, we feel, as we help each other identify and explore distorted beliefs that have been developed to irrationally justify our instincts.

Family members support group 

Family members are often affected by the individual’s addiction issues and it is important for them to know that they are not alone in this situation. This group provides a space for mutual support and encouragement, and offers an opportunity to learn useful strategies to cope with the problems and difficulties addiction causes.