Recovery Rising: William L. White

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Recovery Rising: William L. White

Updated: Dec 5, 2017

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Recovery Rising is the professional memoir of William White, who over the span of five decades evolved through the diverse roles (e.g., “streetworker”, addiction counselor, clinical supervisor, treatment administrator, educator, clinical and organizational consultant, research scientist)  to emerge as the addiction field’s preeminent historian and one of its most visionary voices and prolific writers. Recovery Rising contains the stories, reflections, and lessons learned within one man’s personal and professional journey. Recounted here are many of the ideas, methods, people, and organizations that shaped the modern history of addiction treatment and recovery. These engaging stories are at times poignant and at times humorous, but always revealing, informative, and inspiring. William White’s peers will find their life’s work affirmed in these pages and a younger generation of addiction professionals and recovery advocates will feel the passing of a torch.

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